Walk-In Cooler & Freezers

We custom make every individual order according to our customers’ needs (using Camlock panels)in GTA. We build up walk-in coolers/freezers, reach-in coolers/freezers and display coolers.

Refrigeration for commercial buildings is highly important, especially for those who own restaurants and grocery stores. It is the only way to preserve the freshness of foods and beverages. The same applies for installing and maintaining walk-in coolers for bars and restaurants. If maintenance is not done immediately, then it runs the risk of spoiling the foods and beverages which can have a financial impact on your business. Biaoxin provides premium refrigeration services for any type of refrigeration needs. We offer quality refrigeration systems that are professionally designed, installed, and maintained by experienced professionals. We work with a wide variety of unit styles and will provide services to ensure its quality, performance and energy efficiency. Some of the refrigeration services that Biaoxin provides are:

Refrigerant containment and recovery
Installation, repair and maintenance for coolers, freezers, walk-ins, reach-ins and other special applications

Our refrigeration systems can provide your commercial facility with energy efficient technologies and safe system implementation. At Biaoxin, our refrigeration systems are always built to last, meaning that you will not have to worry about malfunctions taking up your valuable time and will make maintaining your new refrigeration system easy!