Whether you need one burner for low-volume purposes or multiple burners for more demanding applications, wok burners and wok ranges make it simple to create delicious soups and stir fry dishes. Since most of our ranges are CSA Listed, you are sure to receive a product that’s easy to clean and maintain. For cookware to pair with your wok burner, check out our commercial woks, saute pans, and induction-ready cookware. If you’re wondering where to buy wok burners and wok ranges, we have a large selection of wok burners and wok ranges for sale at the lowest prices.

Create everything from stir fry dishes to sweet and savory sauces with wok burners. These ranges are a great fit if you have limited kitchen space and need to saute veggies and meat. We even offer several wok ranges with high BTU outputs, which are ideal if you’re looking for a high heat for frying rice or chicken.

With countertop, drop-in, and freestanding options, you can find wok ranges and burners for any size and style of kitchen. Additionally, we offer several induction wok ranges for buffets, cruise ships.