Equipment Repair

Biao xin has decades of experience repairing commercial kitchen equipment so our customers can keep cooking and cleaning. When your kitchen equipment stops working, we will promptly respond and repair:

Ranges, Ovens, Griddles, Broilers, Salamanders
Fryers, Skillets, Kettles, Steamers
Combi, Rack and Rotisserie Ovens
Warming equipment
Bakery equipment, Mixers, Slicers
Conveyor and Tray Dish Machines, Pot Washers, Cart Washers, Disposals
Tray Line Conveyors and Retherm Cart Systems

When Commercial Refrigeration Equipment fails, you can immediately lose product, profits and patrons. Don’t let that happen to you. Biao Xin is licensed and insured to repair:

Ice Machines
Cold Tables and Rails
Blast Chillers
Walk In Refrigerators and Freezers
Retherm Cart Systems