Refrigerated Pizza Table

Pizza preparation tables are for pizza preparation. Improve pizza making efficiency and speed with a pizza prep table. Pizza prep table units have refrigerated rails and cabinet bases, raised ingredient rails, and pizza-wide cutting boards. The doors of the pizza prep tables are 18 1/2″ wide, made to fit a standard dough box or tray. When choosing a model consider: drawers, doors, combination of the two, size, certification. Pizza prep tables will fit food pans to store ingredients. Casters are good for easy cleaning, and mobility. Custom designs and sizes are available upon request.

Model Doors Overall Lbs
RPT-72SC 2 72″ 450
RPT-96SC 3 96″ 600
RPT-120SC 4 120″ 800



Stainless steel pans

Set of four 5* dia. Casters (2-swivel,2-c/w stops)

Stainless steel body

Evaporator pan

Marble top

Whote poly top


Conducted out of 18 gauge stainless steel type 304, with #4 finish

All joints and seams are welded