Chinese Wok Range | Wok Range

WE offers budget friendly custom made Chinese wok ranges. Each gas wok range is specified to order by the customer. Commercial wok range customizations include: number of wok range holes, size of holes, types of wok range burners, manual or automatic wok range faucets, direction of water flow to keep the wok range surface cool. Keep your Chinese wok ranges operational with replacement wok range parts such as jet burners, faucets, handles, pilots, and valves. Fix cracked cement on your Chinese wok range with replacement cement. Replace worn out jet burners with a 18, 23 or 32 tip nozzle natural gas jet burner, or a 20 tip volcano burner or a 3 ring burner.

A custom make wok range made to suit your Asian restaurant’s needs will increase productivity and make sure your chef has the proper piece of equipment to cook your Asian dishes to perfection! A quality Chinese Wok Range is essential for a successful Chinese or Thai restaurant. Choose an economical, quality, custom made gas Wok Range from Lone Star Restaurant Supply.